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It is best to put in plants in special aquatic plant pots which have mesh sides. A pond is the best way to help wildlife in your garden and here are tips for small ponds in small or middlesized gardens.

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This small wildlife pond has a unique raised pond design read why you want a raised pond here and provides the perfect garden wildlife habitat.

Wildlife small garden pond ideas uk. Water is essential for all creatures. Any pond can become a feeding ground for birds hedgehogs and bats the best natural garden pest controllers. In this episode of uk here we grow tony o neill shows you how to build a wildlife pond step by step.

A 1m by 1m pond in my own back garden took me less than two hours to build but obviously the larger the pond the longer it will take you. Whenever possible use rainwater. Give your garden a makeover and save money at the same time with a special thompson and morgan offer of 10 off.

9 great ideas for garden screening. Your pond needn t be big. Even if you only have a compact corner to allocate for this just letting the grass grow long rather than regularly cutting it back will create shelter for insects and small animals.

They include a wildlife pond an ornamental fish pond a container pond a modern pond and a natural pond. Using easy and cheap to buy products to create a small wildlife garden pond. Great project to do with children at home or in a school garden or allotment.

Even a small pond can be home to an interesting range of wildlife including damsel and dragonflies frogs and newts. She looks at the importance of sloping sides a wide range of pond plants including oxgenators marginal plants tall stemmed plants and plants such as waterlilies that cover the water surface plus the need for some dense low growing foliage around the pond. The following is a list of five types of small ponds that can be placed into small gardens.

This is an attractive feature for any small garden that creates a haven for wildlife. At last you can fill your pond. The lifepond small wildlife ponds have been carefully designed to offer a home to the maximum amount of garden wildlife using the minimum amount of water and taking up the least amount of space.

In this no fuss video guide wildlife expert kate bradbury looks at the main elements needed when creating a wildlife pond in a garden. A mini wildlife pond will help wildlife in your garden. Make sure that wildlife can get in and out by using bricks rocks or logs to create stepping stones in and out of the pond.

Plant up your pond. Tapwater contains too many chemicals to be good for a pond. He gives you some excellent tips and tricks on creating.

Most people won t need to be told this twice but one of the best things you can do to encourage wildlife into your garden is to leave a small area of grass or planting overgrown and undisturbed.

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