Start to Decorate French Style Bedroom

French Bedroom Decor with Floral Wallpaper and Pink Accents

Are you looking to use some French bedroom designs in your own bedroom? You must understand that French decoration combines beauty and elegance with artistic and antique charm to create an elegant style. This kind of style explores romance and relaxation that you can get once you applied it to your own bedroom. To add more French nuance, you can follow these awesome tricks.

First, you can set the mood first to create more French ambiance to your bedroom. Basically French color pallets are using neutral beige tones, which added by gold color. You can also add more feeling using pink color like light rose color, and some mixture in blue and green colors. To add more feeling of French bedroom designs, you can use dark, dramatic colors, like burgundy and dark brown. Once your paint color is chosen, you can begin decorating from there, using other décor that will incorporate French color and style.

Second point is adding French furniture style. This style incorporates lots of rich cherry wood, well, sometimes ivory wood, and some grand furniture pieces. You will see that the antique finishing in each furnishing in your bedroom is the reminiscent of French style. You should place your bed as the main focus in your bedroom, and then you can choose the large sleigh bed with a large headboard. You know that French is all about grandeur style, and you want everything to be big, bold and beautiful.

The using of over-sized furniture, like armoire or chest of drawers will add more dramatic style to your French bedroom design. You can also add more dimensions like putting a chaise longue if you still have space or a silk screen as your window curtains. The choice of color should be pastel. It can soften up the feel of your French bedroom designs. Don’t forget to add supporting linens and lightning in order to create more French feeling in your bedroom.

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