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In today’s time when scarcity of land is haunting every nook and corner of the world and when nuclear families are the way of the world, small and cozy homes with a nest like family room is actually very ‘in’. If one might say so small living room is a trend in the modern world. May be because of the rising requirements, today one can find the market flooded with a number of small room design for your family. One also tends to get confused by the number of options available. One simple benchmark that you need to follow while doing up your family room is that the furniture and the accessories that you use should not eat up the entity of your room.

They are meant to enhance the identity of the room, not overshadow it. There are quite a few small living room ideas for beautifully doing up this very important portion of your house. Your interior decorator, in case you employ one, can efficiently help you with the ideas. Even without interior designers you can do up your comfortable room by following certain basic guidelines. First of all, it is not at all necessary that your family room needs to be stuffed with flashy expensive sofas. You can choose smart living room furniture like stools and homebars that would fulfill all the requirements and at the same time will not overcrowd your limited space.

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