Monochrome Bedroom Design

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If you flick through some of the latest interior design magazines, you will notice that one of the dominant styles of the moment is monochrome. Here are just a few quick ideas about how you could implement this look into your bedroom design.

It’s all about the colours – To be truly monochrome, everything would either need to be the same colour or shades of that same colour. However, design is meant to be creative, so you can probably sneak a few extra colours in and remain faithful to the overall theme.

Black, cream and silver work really well together in a bedroom setting, with black being modern and stylish, silver helping to reflect light and cream introducing some warmth. To create some stunning contrast, why not introduce some pinks and fuchsias to the mix. They work brilliantly with the aforementioned colours and for the ladies; they will give the room a certain “girlie” feel.

On the walls – Cream is probably the best colour for the walls; it’s a good base colour on which to build the rest of the theme. If you are considering having hanging mirrors or wall art, take the opportunity to introduce a wrought iron frame or a silver mirror. How about a print above the bed of a bright pink rose?

Fireplace – If you are lucky enough to have an open chimney breast in your bedroom and don’t already have a fireplace, why not invest in a wrought iron one to continue the theme. If you check out second hand shops and scrap yards, you can pick these up fairly cheaply. If you already have a fireplace in situ, then a good clean should bring it up nicely. If, for some reason the chimney space cannot be used, you could place a mirror at the back, with a few pink candles or flowers in the grate.

On the Floor – Depending on the state of your existing flooring, introducing a rug or rugs is always a good idea to add warmth, texture and colour. If your floor is made up of bare boards, painting them white, cream or black and then adding a rug can enhance the idea further.

Windows – It’s important to be very careful when adding colour to windows. If your walls are cream you will probably want to introduce black. Perhaps the best way to do this would be in the form of voile draped back. It will introduce the colour without dominating or making the window area too dark. Chrome curtain poles would be the way to go and why not introduce cream curtains with a bright pink panel at the bottom or a bright pink design within them.

Bedding – Probably best to go with a cream duvet and then add things like throws and cushions in the other colours.

Lighting – With such vivid colours in the room it’s best to stick to glass or chrome lamps, perhaps with black lampshades for a flourish.

Wardrobes – To complete your bedroom design, fitted sliding door wardrobes would be ideal. They will make your room clutter proof as well as stylish. Select wardrobes in the colour you have been using or try mirrored doors as they will draw on any available light and give the room a more spacious feel.

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