Modern Platform Bedroom Design for Young Executive

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of our homes. Though it is hardly seen by other people, everyone seems keen to on decorating their own rooms in a way that matches their own personality. When you move to a new house, the first thing we actually work on is our interior design. Our bedroom is our own personal haven inside our homes. It is our nest of security where we feel that we can just be. We can never relax inside our sleeping rooms, unless we transform it from something that is generic to something that practically screams who we are as a person.

In creating a bedroom design, one should consider the furniture and decors, and the most important is to learn how to arrange it accordingly within that given space. Now, there are two major paradigms of styles or themes that can be utilized when designing your interior for bedroom. One is the Oriental and the other is the Contemporary. Oriental themes pay tribute more to the beauty of nature. It is commonly used as themes of your room in large rural houses. Large rooms appear empty and lifeless, unless decorated. The Oriental paradigm of design would put pictures in huge frames hanging on the wall, jars and statues to be lined up, drapes over the windows and so on. Of course all these decors fit a single unified theme.

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