Inspiring of Great Bathroom Design

Antique Bathroom Design Ideas

Designer Harvey Wise could create his ambition bathroom in a wide-ranging home redecoration nowadays that engaged a full renovate of his home in Toronto city. He made over the placement of window, making fixation of the size and design. Great bathroom design can be seen as the representation of Art Deco style of 1912. The bathroom characters that showed off are manly, elegant, and modish, with adaptable design of bathroom.

First great bathroom design capture about sophisticated glamour sensation for anyone who love being luxurious and exclusive. It can be seen by the model of shower design used in this bathroom. Completed with floor’s checkered pattern, elite granite on the shower walls, and specific interweave feature on the backside wall.

Second great bathroom design are about unique tiles. They are patterned with mosaic motifs to create magnificence bathroom. The tiles lay attractively with additional embellish of shimmering light reflection, so they bring elegance.  Harvey Wise also put masculine touch by placing long double vanity with the inset Calacatta marble countertop, and redesigned it to look as if a double box like in a man’s changing room. The drawer facades and dark blemish present the Art Deco influence.

Great bathroom design also add details of vintage look with masculine aesthetic like beige mats, structural design images in glossy dark, or Lucite pendant light that hangs over the bathtub. The walls are enclosed with vinyl grass cloth layering in a delicate grey color that looks good for bathroom than other rooms. The arrangement is perfect for the manly image.

To create enduring classiness, Harvey designed floor tiles. It is about 18-inch-square Calacatta elite granite tiles that have linear sandstone edging, as well tiny navy blue-grey stone layered in a checkered design. The effect of using this Burberry-inspired tiles design is that creating visual scale of the room becomes smaller. Other great bathroom are depicted the simple yet luxury style that becomes a trending mode recently. The simple bath faucet is modern sleek. The bathtub located under the window will be an excellent idea because delicate morning sunlight can embrace the entire bathtub area.

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