Elegant Bathroom Design Ideas

Elegant and Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Elegant and Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

It’s important to think about the bathroom design as much as about the bathroom fixtures. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, consider adding elements of comfort and elegance. Transform your cold, dreary bath into your own personal sanctuary. Homes with young children may not be suitable for installation of Italian marble countertops that would be damaged by little fingers and crayons. Usually these top-of-the-line items are reserved for master bath suites. But many luxury elements are appropriate for any home.

While many home interiors are going simpler, bathrooms are getting the royal treatment. Elegance, softness, and sophistication are the keywords for bathroom decor. In new construction, bathrooms are getting larger. Combined with dressing areas and walk in closets, some bathroom areas are bigger than the adjoining bedrooms. Add to that oversized bathtubs, separate showers, gym equipment, and sauna rooms, a bathroom is becoming a destination place in homes. In many remodels, homeowners are tearing down walls, eliminating small bedrooms, and creating giant bathrooms with special amenities such as telephones, televisions, lounging chairs, and a fireplace. Even a small bathroom will look larger with mirrored walls or cabinet doors. For a really elegant look, have the mirrors framed in gold- or silver-leaf frames. Both artificial light and natural light will be reflected and the room will be brighter.

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