Choosing The Right Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen islands are a design feature that can make your kitchen much more efficient. But, a word of caution: this is one design item where you should definitely consult with a design expert while you are designing your kitchen. Choosing the right island for your small kitchen is determined by how you understand the needs of your area. If you are looking for something to improve overall design, choose an island made of the right material with the right color which will serve as the centerpiece of the entire room.

Kitchen Island Chairs

You need to consider the right island shape which will make the room seem wider as well as provide good working space. Traditional shapes include rectangles and squares. If your kitchen area can afford it, try to experiment how ovals or circles may improve overall symmetry in the room. Your small kitchen also needs to have an island in the right place to increase comfort and efficiency for all persons involved. There’s also accessible counter space regardless of people’s positions and directions.

A perimeter island is ideal for an open floor plan wherein it can connect or divide spaces. It gets to create a working and public side of the kitchen. The general rule is to properly position the island wherein all individuals located at the public and practical side stay comfortable and have their own space.

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