Built-in Bathtub: Drawbacks and Advantages

Contemporary Outdoor Bathroom with Top View

Bathroom is the favorite place to relax for many people, but this room has much more functions than you can imagine. For example, you can always try a new style of interior or add some unusual details there. One of the most required items is a built-in bathtub. This thing is considered to be an element of a posh, luxurious interior, but it is rather possible to install it in an ordinary house… But not so fast.

There are pros and cons as usual, and they should be taken into consideration. Let’s discuss some drawbacks first.
Sure, the realization of this idea takes much patience and requires some technical decisions. During the process you have to face various problems constantly: how to organize all the plumbery, how to arrange the space, etc. – these questions will appear rather frequently. You have to hire a team of professionals who are able to deal with all the peculiarities of this long and complicated process. As you can guess, it takes enough time and patience.

The next point is the price – it is not cheap (actually, it is expensive) to rebuild the whole bathroom. It means that you have to occupy the first floor to afford such changes or – the best option – you have to live in a private house – but we try to find the way out for those who have some budget limits as well.

But the things are not so bad at all. As for the space planning, it is possible to decorate the bathtub with tiles, wood or stone without lowering it – this type of finishing helps to make improvements without any sufficient planning changes and reconstruction. Make a couple of steps – and it will be easier to get to the tub. Romantic and modern bathroom is very easy to create!

This idea also saves money and solves the time problem – your neighbors won’t complain because of noise and dust. It will not be worth than the original project – especially if you add the lighting, wooden panels or decorative finishing.

Even if there is not so much free space in your bathroom there are always the ideas that can be rather helpful. One of them is uniting it with the toilet so that you could make the room more attractive, and you won’t need to make the maintenance twice.

You can always find more than one solution in any situation. We offer a number of ideas for those who want to make some changes.

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