How to Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Build Kitchen Cabinet Doors With Hanging Lamp

Facelift is the thing that typically your kitchen needs. However, you don’t have to replace all the kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can opt to refinish or replace only the cabinet doors. Furthermore, it’s also better for you if you want to build the cabinet doors yourself. It will give you some useful but interesting experience and also safe some of your money since you are free from the expensive charge that might be paid to hire some experts doing the replacement. There are actually so many kinds of cabinet doors that you can choose to be your options. However, if you are a kind of beginner in doing such project, then it’s better for you to build a simple panel cabinet door. It’s the easiest to build, so that your replacing job will be much easier. Well, here how to build cabinet doors are.

How to build cabinet doors isn’t completely hard as long as you follow these instructions I’ll brief below. First thing to do is cutting the door stiles equally to the height of the door and the rails. Next, Feed a rail face down into the blades by attaching an auxiliary fence to the table saw. Turn over, and feed again. Then, make a “tenon cheek” by setting dado head of table saw at ½ inch and run into blades on two sides of the rail. Then, drill a series of holes on the inside edge of each stile and then section 3/4 –inch wood stock to size for the door panel. Next, set it into the grooves and assemble the stiles and rails with the tenons fitting inside the mortises. However, before that you need to ensure to squeeze the wood glue into the grooves, mortises on the stiles and rails.

The last thing of how to build cabinet doors is holding them together with clamps. Wait until the glue completely dries. You might also add handles and hinges if you want to.

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