Beautiful Natural Garden

Natural Backyard Design With Gravel

A natural garden will consist of wild flowers and some fruit trees and colorful vegetables. If you want something simpler than that, then stick to wildflowers and one or two fruit trees if you have the space. Once the trees are grown and provide you with fruit, they will always be there. Keep their area clean, and keep an eye for pests – that is all to it as far as the trees.

Natural Japanese Garden

For the wild flowers, you will have to stick to what grows in your area or state. Before introducing a wildflower in your garden, make sure that you have studied its environment and recreate it as much as possible, otherwise it will die. Try to mimic as much as possible what you see occurring naturally. When you transplant them, make sure to take some of the soil they are in with you, to put in your garden when you are planting it.

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