Adding Antique Furniture to Creating Your Traditional Kitchen

Awesome Traditional Kitchen Design Plans

While you are gazing to the past times, where the traditional kitchen had become the most fascinating theme of a kitchen of your great grandmother, then why don’t you put it as the main theme of yours? It is interesting to bring back the good old times, which means there will be hearth, old-white bricks as the canopy of the stove, or anywhere at your kitchen room, and also the dull look of your cabinets. Of course we can borrow that style and then adjust it to the “now” style, but what’s matter is the signature style that should be kept. There are some old world kitchen ideas that can be followed by you in order to bring back your precious memories of the activity in your parents’ kitchen room. Everything old is new again, and you can’t resist that, since you know, the Earth is rotating. That is valid for almost everything in this life. So, there are some traditional kitchen ideas that you can carry out. Here are some.

First is medieval kitchen. There will be the signature style of the hearth, stove, which include a special area to store wine and ale. You can also get some decorative items that bring medieval look into your kitchen, like the wine cellars, stained glass window, pantry doors, the interior transoms, and also kitchen cabinets. You can find the signature style of medieval kitchen from those items. As for the bricks, the white one, more like creamy white, can be the option to add more medieval look.

Second is Tudor kitchen room. This kitchen had served almost as many as 800 people at one sitting. There were six separate cooking fireplaces for roasting meats and making sauces, the high ceilings to cope with the intense heat, and sloped flagstone floors for drainage. As for today’s style, you can still borrow some to your kitchen room. You can use the average single kitchen, which opens the room with the place where all the food gets prepared and the cooking take place. There is also the attached pantry by adding a Tudor racks to store herbs and spices. It has a silver room where you can store the glittering, jewel-encrusted crockery and other kinds of tableware, all of them are on tables.

Third is Victorian kitchen room. It had been said that Victorian time is the one and only golden time, so far for almost every Briton in the world. Everything had grown well, almost in every aspects of life, like economy, art, fashion, and even politic. As one of old world kitchen ideas, Victorian kitchen style the cast-iron oven will be the king of all kitchen appliances, since the producing of bread were so rich at that time, and also the sweet treats that even the old families or the now families would enjoy. You can consider the white elegant along with the signature style of this Victorian style, which are almost vintage, as the idea of your kitchen cabinets. Add more touch with the brass holders in every shelves, or cabinets of your kitchen. To add more, you can use the fascinating chandeliers from Victorian era.

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